Top tips from Adele’s makeup artist

Global ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Michael Ashton offers a step-by-step tutorial on his top tips; from dry skin hacks to the feline flick and simple ways to master the smokey eye.


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Informative Vs Discovery

The images with the icons lead the viewer to click on specific items in the content. We call this ‘Informative‘ where the brand is guiding the consumer to click on a specific area/item. Where there are no visual cues is referred to as ‘Discovery‘, the user interacts with the content, clicking where they believe Hyperspots are, therefore discovering items. We capture all places where the user has clicked, whether there is a Hypertspots or not, which we call ‘Missed Opportunity’ – a powerful insight into what consumers are interested in

Hyperspots can be applied to any content, any industry, the possibilities are endless!