ISIF currently posts across InstaGram, where description, price and item numbers are added to the text on each post. Hyperspots can integrate all this information INSIDE the content! (ISIF can still use the current method in parallel)

  • Click on the content to the rightclickedSpots are saved inside the drawer under the content
  • Clicking on a Spot inside the drawer – this links out to the purchase URL
  • Clicking on the ISIF logo links to “Spotshare” –a personal area where all clicked spots are saved.
  • With saved spots the consumer can create looks and share to social media platforms



On Facebook, ISIF also posts with link and information in the description. We have taken some of ISIF’s posts and applied Hyperspots technology to them. Click on the items the models are wearing and explore how Hyperspots can streamline ISIF’s offering across social media

  • On mobile, content plays inside Facebook
  • On desktop, users are directed to a unique URL which displays the Hyperspotted content
  • We track all clicks, click-throughs and missed opportunities (plus lots more behavioural data)

Video works in the same way as images.

  • Hyperspots can be applied to short form video on IG / FB, and we have integration capabilities with YouTube & Vimeo content.
  • On mobile, all video plays inside the platform, which means all the clicks and purchasing happens right inside IG or FB!
  • Easy to deploy with a link or embed code


All interactions with the hyperspotted content are tracked and recorded for reporting and analysis. Behavioural data linked to registered and opted in users can be extracted to be leveraged for marketing and re-targeting purposes. Data sets include:

  • The content (videos, images) viewed, where, how and from what location
  • Spots clicked on and saved, which ones clicked through, what was shared and on which social networks
  • Spots consumers have combined into looks or sets of items, what consumer have shared and on which social networks
  • Search terms consumers have used, the keywords of saved spots

What can Hyperspots do for ISIF?

Hyperspots is an additive technology that sits alongside your existing initiatives (affiliates / advertising). We offer an innovative way, through our clickable technology, for your consumers to interact with the content YOU own. The content can be shared across social media, blogs and through our unique platform called Spotshare, consumers can create looks that can be shared with their friends – we call this social commerce. We track all user behaviour and can quickly see missed opportunities – a critical part where you can see what is being clicked on that has not been made clickable

  • We make your images and video clickable and shareable so users can simply click to discover, buy and share.
  • Wherever that content travels, the clicks stay with it so you know exactly what the consumer wants wherever they interact with it
  • It’s your content so you should control it, where it links to and where it goes and keep the revenue


What are the benefits with this technology?

  • Increased engagement & conversion
  • Brand awareness
  • Collaborative marketing opportunities
  • E-commerce incremental revenue
  • Product placement and sponsorship opportunities


Potential partnerships

Ocean Beach Ibiza – Content can be Hyperspotted from the Ocean Beach domain, linking it to items being worn on ISIF. This would create a cross-linking eco system, which would generate traffic on both sides and potentially leading to more traffic & conversion. We could also tap into existing collaborations you have with Cindy Kimberly, Stassie and Lolo Wood – increasing their online presence and profiles

Love Island – Similar to the Ocean Beach approach, your content would be Hyperpotted and then pushed to The Sun Online to deploy on their site. This collaboration would leverage The Sun Online’s existing traffic, pushing consumers to purchase ISIF items and ultimately more engagement

Influencer Program – With the existing Influencer programme ISIF has in place, these influencers can be used to implement the technology across their profiles. Each one would be assessed on a case by case basis, with a focused strategy to gain maximum benefit for the influencer and ISIF