Hyperspots Player V 3.0

New Player V3.0

Built from the ground up. Works across mobile, web and tablet. Easily embed the Hyperspots player into any CMS or webpage


PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Javascript all hosted on AWS. We have the ability to scale as traffic grows, and can accomodate thousands of concurrent clicks

Viral Sharing

Share the player, save your spots and share them via Spotshare, across the internet to several social platforms pre built into the eco-system

Identify & Analyse

Track clicks & click throughs, Audience Interest, Missed opportunities, Geo Mapping, IP Location


The Hyperspots core platform provides the capability for clients to upload or link to images and video to create projects in which objects within the media can be made “clickable”. Text descriptions, thumbnails, URL links and information “tags” can be defined for each clickable object.

This is accomplished using the Hyperspots Workbook, accessed via all mainstream browsers. Releases are continually tested across these browsers to ensure compatibility.

In the last two years, the Hyperspots Platform has been re-developed using more modern tools and to incorporate improvements from practical experience. Indeed it should be noted that the knowledge and understanding built up by our principal executives is deeper and wider than most, if not all, of the newer entrants into the market.

The Workbench

The Workbench is the engine room of Hyperspots. This is where all content is uploaded, spotted and QA is carried out by our teams in Europe & USA. The  Workbench is browser based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world


This area is a key differentiator for Hyperspots .  Spotshare provides the capability for a consumer/shopper audience to save their hyperspotted objects/content that is of interest to them into a private closet and share with a community of friends. Inside the opted in environment they can then put looks together, see what their friends have posted and chat with each other about items of interest and swap look ideas

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The Hyperspots Platform enables content owners to unlock the advertising value from your digital assets
1. Click anywhere to reveal Hyperspotted content
2. Thumbnails show content
3. One Click links to product
4. ‘My Spots’ allows you to save you Hyperspots inside SpotShare
5. SpotShare is our own user generated platform to save and share Hyperspots

Any Questions?

email hello@hyperspots.com