Let Hyperspots increase your presence & engagement on Social Media!



What is Hyperspots? – We specialise in making content interactive through behavioural clickable technology. This additive tech drives engagement and traffic potentially leading to conversion!

I am an influencer, how can this help me?

The benefits to you are endless! More engagement, increased traffic which can potentially lead to conversion!

How is this technology implemented?

Hyperspots is an SaaS platform. We can add the ‘spots’ to your content, or train you to do it. To deploy this inside your social channels is easy as pasting a link or adding an embed code!

Can it be used on Images and video?

Yes! Our technology works on video and images. We have integrated with YouTube & Vimeo so you can continue to host on those platforms and implement click-ability

How much does it cost

We want to encourage you to work with us. So for the first project we work on a free trial basis to prove the concept to you and your followers. We help get you setup and implement Hyperspots. After we review the results we can discuss a fee based setup –  remember we work to your budget

Do I have to sign a contract with Hyperspots?

No! We will not make you sign anything unless you are comfortable to do so. We will require a ‘scope of work’ sign off for the free trail. This clearly sets out the work effort from both sides so there are no misunderstandings

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