I Like to Know It
 What you have today 


  • Trendy inspiration pictures from famous influencers about fashion, home, fitness, beauty and family 


  • Images of the different products at the bottom of your content to allow your consumers to be able to click and shop the product directly 


  • Clicking on thumbnails leads consumer to the purchase URL – However each click leads the user away from the content


  • Thumbnails appear outside the content, using valuable space
Interactive pictures for more engagement 


  • Everything happens inside the image so no need for thumbnails under your content anymore, which also means more space for a bigger picture and a slicker design 


  • An embed code or link that tracks all of your users behaviours 


  • Works across IG, FB, Twitter


  • Wherever that content travels the clicks stay with it so you know exactly what the consumer wants wherever they interact with it


  • It’s your content so you should control where it links to and where it goes and keep 100% of the revenue!

How this technology works : 

  1. A small icon or pulse appears to show your consumers what they can click on
  2. Clicking on the items –  your Hyperspots are saved inside your drawer
  3. Click on a Spots inside your drawer, which links to the purchase URL
  4. Clicking on ILTKI logo links to Spotshare  – your own personal area where all your clicked spots are saved.
  5. With saved spots you can create looks and share to social media platforms