Use Hyperspots to inform your consumers

Hyperspots is a technology that makes your content interactive. It can be used in a number of ways to inform, educate and assist consumers, business’s and institutions though content click-ability, leading to links or information relevant to the end user. Hyperspots can be applied to images and video, integrates with YouTube / Vimeo and works across social media.

Below are examples of the technology and how it can benefit your organisation

Housing Associations


Membership Institutions

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Want to promote or sell items at a special price? Click on the sofa, the rug and clock …



Easy to Deploy

Just grab the embed code and paste it into your web page or CMS. The player automatically sizes to fit the frame. Need to make a change to your content? No problem, make the change once and all instances of the embed code are updated on the fly!


Detailed Analytics

Simplified analytics, with Geolocation and IP included. Understand Clicks & Click through rates, missed opportunities, and audience interest. Better understand the habits and needs of your consumers


Our Platform

Hyperspot videos and images using our SaaS platform. Your team can create, edit, manage videos & images all in one easy-to-use environment, browser based. We can even host all of your video for you (additional costs will apply)



We’ve integrated with YouTube & Vimeo, so you can continue to host all your content on those platforms and still use our technology! Our technology also works across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, so you can create a content ecosystem across all your digital channels

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