The biggest ad unit on the web is content itself, yet there are still few ways for the content owner to unlock this unrealised value. The Hyperspots Platform enables content owners take back control of your digital advertising revenue and make every piece of content a revenue generating asset..

We believe in “ADVERTISING BY CHOICE.” by enabling advertisers, content creators and brand to simply create exciting images and video clips with clickable links consumers can discover, share and shop as they please

Our lightweight, skinnable player is designed to facilitate maximum user engagement with minimal integration through our unique tagging platform.

It’s a simple intuitive and interactive way to engage with their audience, who is encouraged to engage at their own pace without overt and intrusive advertising.

Hyperspots Is an enabling platform for personalisation and relevance to a mass audience based on trackable data inside the content, which allows content owners to truly understand their audience’s true interests

How it works

For Clients:

Hyperspots gives the content creator complete control on what to tag and how
to exploit that for revenue. In 6 simple steps:

1. Open web browser
Login & Upload
Input product links & Info
Embed into your website or Blog
Go Viral!
Analyse Data

For Consumers:

Click to discover Hyperspots. Save your spots in Spotshare, create looks and share across social media

Click video to discover spots


Spots are saved in your
spotshare account


Start sharing looks in
spotshare or share with your
friends via social media


All your saved spots in one place!


Impulse Buy


Understand how viewers are engaging with your content

  • Engagement data
  • Product data
  • Behavioural data
  • Missed opportunities

See Examples

Ounass & Prada



LA Made


What is Hyperspots?

The Hyperspots  Platform is an enabling technology that allows advertisers and brand owners to create and manage clickable, viral objects in all types of digital media. We enable you to unlock the advertising value from your digital assets, take back control of your digital advertising revenue and make every piece of content a revenue generating asset

Where can I use Hyperspots?

Hyperspots can be used on video and images, across most industries where content is the driving factor

How is Hyperspots different from other click technology?

SAVE, SHARE, SHOP! – THE HYPERSPOTS DIFFERENCE….Spotshare provides the capability for a consumer/shopper audience to save their hyperspotted objects/content that is of interest to them into a private area and share with a community of friends. Inside the opted in environment they can then put looks together, see what their friends have posted and chat with each other about items of interest and swap look ideas

I want to try Hyperspots, do you offer a demo?

Yes we do! Just fill in the contact us form and one of our sales team will get back to you. We can work to your budget and Hyperspot sample content you send us. You will be able to see how the technology works on your content and brand. Get in touch to arrange a demo

How do I implement Hyperspots on my website?

The core technology is based on embedding video and images into any website or blog. Just grab the snippet of code from the Workbench and paste into your CMS or backend. We can also assist you in developing a strategy to embed and implement Hyperspots on your website

I want to White-label Hyperspots – can I do this?

Yes you can! The entire Hyperspots systems can be white-labelled and re-skinned to suit your brand or company design. Spotshare can become a captive asset ecosystem for brands, publishers and advertisers. Clients can build their own community of users and behavioural data analytics. Get in touch to find out more.


Marketing agency, blogger facilitator that will use SaaS platform to on-board their clients and/or add-value to current services they provide
Brand owner, e-commerce sites, Agencies. Our pricing models can adapt to your business and industry.
Based upon level of use (e.g. number of clients, projects etc.) and scope and whether you require Images or Video. This model comes under our monthly Saas pricing

The Hyperspots Platform is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that can be licensed for a monthly fee. Pricing is dependent upon market/country, client type and volume.

HCM is able to offer flexibility to suit each client’s situation and objectives to ensure return on investment. This can include running Hyperspots on the client’s behalf (managed fee) as well as mixed licence/managed models.


Hypersport videos and images using our SaaS platform. Your team can create, edit, manage videos all in one easy-to-use environment - browser based. We can even host all of your video for you (additional costs will apply)
Add clickable Hyperspots over your assets, without disrupting or obscuring the user experience. You will be able to click and shop directly from your product videos and images!
Simplified analytics, with Geolocation and IP included. Understand Clicks & Click through rates, missed opportunities, and audient interest. Better understand the habits and needs of your consumers
Hyperspots can manage and host all of your content, meaning you would not spend resources on developers or hosting costs! (additional costs would apply). We can work to your budget, so get in touch and tell us your brief..
We realise your brand is important to you! Hyperspots is able to offer a white-label solution to match your style and branding. We are even able to add icons and logo's so suit your different content!




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