Where can I use Hyperspots?

Hyperspots can be used on video and images, across most industries where content is the driving factor

I want to try Hyperspots, do you offer a demo?

Yes we do! Just fill in the contact us form and one of our sales team will get back to you. We can work to your budget and Hyperspot sample content you send us. You will be able to see how the technology works on your content and brand. Get in touch to arrange a demo

How do I implement Hyperspots on my website?

The core technology is based on embedding video and images into any website or blog. Just grab the snippet of code from the Workbench and paste into your CMS or backend. We can also assist you in developing a strategy to embed and implement Hyperspots on your website

I want to White-label Hyperspots – can I do this?

Yes you can! The entire Hyperspots systems can be white-labelled and re-skinned to suit your brand or company design. Spotshare can become a captive asset ecosystem for brands, publishers and advertisers. Clients can build their own community of users and behavioural data analytics. Get in touch to find out more.

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