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Take back control of your digital advertising revenue and make every piece of content a revenue generating asset

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We enable advertisers, content creators and brand owners to change the game….simply by creating exciting images and video clips with clickable links that allow consumers “advertising by choice”.

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Hyperspots can be applied to any content, any industry, the possibilities are endless!

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Hypersport videos and images using our SaaS platform. Your team can create, edit, manage videos all in one easy-to-use environment - browser based. We can even host all of your video for you (additional costs will apply)
Add clickable Hyperspots over your assets, without disrupting or obscuring the user experience. You will be able to click and shop directly from your product videos and images!
Simplified analytics, with Geolocation and IP included. Understand Clicks & Click through rates, missed opportunities, and audient interest. Better understand the habits and needs of your consumers
Hyperspots can manage and host all of your content, meaning you would not spend resources on developers or hosting costs! (additional costs would apply). We can work to your budget, so get in touch and tell us your brief..
We realise your brand is important to you! Hyperspots is able to offer a white-label solution to match your style and branding. We are even able to add icons and logo's so suit your different content!