Direct link to purchase. Hover over items, text shows description and ability to link directly to the product page – ‘click to buy’

Visual Cues. Spots pulse green to lead the consumer to click on items, save in drawer and purchase directly or shop later

Discovery – discover items inside content without any visual cues. Save your spots, shop now or later

| Click on the video to discover more.. SAVE, SHARE, SHOP!

Max Mara is an Italian fashion business. It markets up-market ready-to-wear clothing. It was established in 1951 in Reggio Emilia by Achille Maramotti. In March 2008, the company had 2,254 stores in 90 countries. It sponsors the Max Mara Art Prize for Women.

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Easy to Deploy

Just grab the embed code and paste it into your web page or CMS. The player automatically sizes to fit the frame!

Cross Platform

Built from the ground up. Works across mobile, web and tablet. Easily embed the Hyperspots player into any CMS or webpage

Data & Analytics

Track clicks & click throughs, Audience Interest, Missed opportunities, Geo Mapping, IP Location


What are the benefits with this technology?

Increased engagement & conversion
Brand awareness 
Collaborative marketing opportunities 
E-commerce incremental revenue  
Product placement and sponsorship opportunities